The IAD provides wide-ranging support for the implementation of the University Strategy of Internationalization, which envisions the facilitation of international partnership, participation in grant programmes and projects, promotion of academic mobility, enhancement of the University's international visibility.

Key Objectives:

Our Services:

  • academic and scholarly cooperation with foreign educational institutions and research organizations;
  • academic mobility of students and staff;
  • reception of foreign delegations and experts;
  • establishment and support of relations with diplomatic representatives of other countries.
  • individual counseling to participate in training programs, internship and professional development abroad, and preparing appropriate documentation.
  • translation of documents (from/into a foreign language) for traveling abroad (certificates, diplomas, inquiries);
  • translation of technical, journalistic and other kinds of texts (from/into a foreign language);
  • preparation of certificates, official letters for submission to the embassy or official institutions in cases of departure for education, internship or employment abroad.


Kostyantyn Kyrychenko

Rector's Assistant for International Relations

Head of the International Affairs Department

Tel. +38 0542 33 10 81
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Library-Information Center, Office 309
Sumy State University
116 Kharkivska St.
40007 Sumy, Ukraine
116, Kharkivska st., 40007 Sumy, Ukraine
  Main Building, room 308, 309,
40007 Sumy, Ukraine
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