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Sumy State University in Rankings

THE Impact Rankings
QS Stars
among the universities of the world and in the 1st place among the universities of Ukraine.
in the top group of the world universities by socio-economic impact level
in the field of "Business and Economics" (1st place among higher education institutions (HEI) of Ukraine)
in the field of "Engineering" (1st place among higher education institutions of Ukraine)
in the field of "Physical Sciences" (1st place among higher education institutions of Ukraine)
in the top group of the leading world universities, on the 5th position among the Ukrainian higher education institutions
by to the quantitative and qualitative teachers staff, students' satisfaction with the quality of education, the provision of educational and extracurricular activities, reputation among employers, the level of support for the career growth of graduates
"young" universities in the world, which are "growing rapidly", and are currently the only representative of Ukraine in these rankings
the 2rd place among higher education institutions of Ukraine
the 3th place among higher education institutions of Ukraine according to citations of scientists in Google Scholar
best institutional repositories of the world and the 1st place among higher education institutions of Ukraine
by most indicators, the results exceed the world average ones
universities of the world
SCImago Institutions Rankings - in top 120 universities of Eastern Europe
among the leaders in Ukraine by the number of citations by the world academic community of publications of university scientists and by the Hirsch index
the 6th place among higher education institutions of Ukraine

SumDU by numbers

over 12 000 people study
57 specialties on 25 branches of knowledge
1 700 international students from 53 countries
about 150 Doctors of Sciences, Professors, about 600 Doctors of Philosophy and Candidates of Sciences, Associate Professors
about 600 people study in 16 doctoral specialties and 24 postgraduate specialties

Academic and educational and material base

About 60 research laboratories and centers, including centers for the collective use of scientific and computer equipment, 3 research institutes.

About 5 000 computers, more than 300 multimedia laboratories, interactive sets, resource and studying centers, Department of Military Training, University clinic, academic and research laboratory of Virtual and Augmented Reality


International activity

Sumy State University cooperates with more than 300 partners from 58 countries

Signatory of the Magna Charta Universitatum (Bologna) and the Talloires Declaration, member of the International and European Associations of Universities and other international organizations. Permanent partner of joint projects within the framework of international grant programs of the European Union (Erasmus+, Horizon 2020), the Development Programs of UN, NATO, DAAD, the American Councils, the British Council, etc.

Every year it implements 300 grants. Over the last 5 years, the volume of research work in the framework of international grant projects has increased 20 times.

It implements long-term and short-term programs of international academic mobility of students, graduate students, researchers, and teachers with strong scholarship and grant support.


Academic and educational activity

The educational program "Medicine" has an international certificate of accreditation, educational programs "Public Health", "Data Science and Modeling of Complex Systems", "Psychology" and educational and scientific programs "Biology", "Economics", "Journalism", "Medicine" ", "Finance, Banking and Insurance" are accredited with the status of "exemplary"

More than 10 years it has had the highest index by the number of prizes in the All- Ukrainian competitions of student research papers among domestic universities.

For 6 years in a row it has been the leader as per the results of participation in the competition of scientific works projects of young scientists.


Training of Bachelors and Masters

Training of Bachelors and Masters is carried out in the following specialties of the relevant subject areas:

Subject area "Social Sciences":

  • social and behavioral sciences (psychology, economics);
  • social work;
  • International Economic Relations;
  • management and administration (marketing, accounting and taxation; entrepreneurship, trade and stock exchange activity; finance, banking and insurance; management);
  • public management and administration;
  • law;
  • international law;
  • journalism;
  • education/pedagogy (secondary education (physics; English language and Literature, History), physical culture and sports)
  • tourism (touristic business and hospitality industry)

Subject area "Engineering and Technology":

  • information technology (computer science, cybersecurity);
  • software engineering (Cybersports and computer games development)
  • electronics and telecommunications (telecommunications and radio engineering, electronics);
  • automation and instrument manufacture (automation and computer-integrated technologies; micro- and nanosystem technology; metrology and information-measuring technology);
  • electrical engineering (electric power, electrical engineering and electromechanics; power engineering; heat power);
  • chemistry and bioengineering (chemistry; biomedical engineering);
  • mechanical engineering (materials science, applied mechanics, branch mechanical engineering);
  • production and technologies (environmental protection technologies);

Subject area "Life Sciences and Medicine":

  • health care (public health; medicine; dentistry; physical therapy, occupational therapy; nursing);

Subject area "Natural Sciences":

  • mathematics and statistics (applied mathematics);
  • natural sciences (ecology);

Subject area "Arts and Humanities":

  • culture and art (management of socio-cultural activities);
  • humanities (politology, philology);
  • history and archeology.



The largest sports base among educational institutions of Ukraine – more than 40 sports facilities

state centers of Olympic training of national teams in athletics and beach volleyball
swimming pools
shooting ranges
water-rowing and ski bases
country sports and recreation center "Univer"
Olympic training centers
sports medicine center

More than 170 students - winners and prize- winners of the Olympic Games, World Championships, Europe, World Winter, and Summer Universiades

National teams are winners and prize-winners of complex All-Ukrainian Universiades and championships in various sports among higher education institutions of Ukraine


SumDU Library

The Library of SumDU is a multiple winner of the All-Ukrainian competition "Library of the Year", it has access to the most famous electronic information bases of the world information space

Sumy State University opens the universe of opportunities!

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