It has been an honor to know that our two universities got twinned in a special partnership of 2022. Sumy State University has been playing an important role, which will help build a bright future for your city and country

Gavin BROWN,
The First Vice-Chancellor of the University of Liverpool, 2023

I was always impressed by the meetings where I observed your achievements and common desire to improve the university. I wholeheartedly support you and hope that we will meet in Sumy again

Head of the Intelligent Production Systems Simulation Laboratory of the CENWIS Center for Science, Research and Innovation, Polytechnic University of Kielce, Poland, 2023

It is an honor to work with you over the past ten years within projects (Tempus ALIGN, DESTIN, ACCELERATE), academic mobility and exchanges. We are delighted with our colleagues from Sumy. We note their high professionalism and dedication to work

David QUINN,
Professor of the Faculty of Cinematography and Creative Technologies, Institute of Art Design and Technologies, Dublin, Ireland, 2023

SumDU is a vivid example of courage, resilience and dedication

Dipra JHA,
Professor at Washington State University, USA, Honorary Doctor of Sumy State University, 2023

I watch your activities and success with indescribable pride. It is a great joy for me to have friends like you!

Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Poznań University of Technology, Poland, 2023

With Sumy State University and its graduates, we will definitely win and ensure the dynamic development of Ukrainian society. We can reach the the most progressive European countries!

President of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Sumy State University, 2023

The whole Ukraine knows Sumy State University. It occupies special positions in international and all-Ukrainian rankings. You have something to be proud of. And I see the secret of your success is a highly professional team as well as management that helps it move forward

People’s Deputy of Ukraine, Expert on Education and Science, 2023

Sumy State University is a basis for oblast development. It raises production, provides the region with specialists and modern technologies

Volodymyr ARTIUKH,
Chief of the Sumy Regional Military Administration, 2023

Any link of the university development – structural units, departments, teachers and students – always focused on the result. There was a certain strategy to achieve this result. Respectively, we did achieve the result

Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine, 2023

The uniqueness of Sumy State University is, first of all, that it combines experience with modern management. The second is how it overcomes challenges. Everyone says that it is necessary to keep up with the world development, but I see that the world is barely keeping up with Sumy State University

People’s Deputy of Ukraine, 2023

I congratulate Sumy State University on its achievements and increase in international rankings. Many people have heard about SumDU abroad, it is a world-famous university.

Yurii Gogotsi,
Professor at Drexel University (Pennsylvania, USA), Founder and Director of the Institute of Nanomaterials, 2021

Over the last decade, we can talk about a kind of "SumDU phenomenon". The provincial university, even without the national status, has rapidly broken into the number of scientific leaders and is confidently strengthening its position. This is a great personal merit of the Vice-Rector for Research of SumDU, Professor Anatolii Chornous. It is also important that his initiatives have found and still find the support of the previous and current rectors of the university. Therefore, it was not a surprise for me personally that the university surpassed the recognized "grands" in terms of state certification of higher education institutions in terms of their scientific (scientific and technical) activities.

Maksym Strikha,
Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor, Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine in 2008-10 and in 2014-19, 2021

I consider five years of study at Sumy State University to be one of the best in my life. The Faculty of Foreign Philology and Social Communications gave me a large base of knowledge and skills for further professional realization. The first job, where I came immediately after graduation, showed that the knowledge gained at the university was essential. Of course, during my work I learned a lot of new things, but it was the foundation laid at SumDU that contributed to further professional development.

Svitlana Khalymonenko,
Officer of the Public Relations Service of the Operational Command "Pivnich" of the Land Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, a graduate of SumDU, 2020

Sumy State University is one of the leaders in the implementation of Tempus projects, and now Erasmus+ projects. We can see that a very strong team of reformers is working here, and we often use SumDU as an example of the successful development of the system of international cooperation, reform of the higher education system. The biggest changes in ensuring the quality of higher education took place at SumDU, as the university started all these processes earlier than other universities, studying international experience and implementing certain measures to improve the higher education system.

Zhanna Talanova,
Coordinator of the National Erasmus+ Office in Ukraine, 2018

Today Sumy State University is one of the best in terms of organizing internal quality assurance systems. It is nice that this institution is one of those where mechanisms have been created that allow for the consistent improvement of various components of quality assurance.

Taras Finikov,
President of the International Foundation for Education Policy Research, 2018

Sincere gratitude to the rector and staff of SumDU for assistance in preparing students for external independent evaluation. Last year, largely due to the efforts of scientists, teachers of the SumDU Sumy region became the fourth in Ukraine for the first time in its history in terms of average score. This is a fantastic result! We turned to SumDU primarily because this institution of higher education in our region is the institution that has the most dynamic development over the past decade. Such success and experience in the organization of higher education in Ukraine, the organization of the effectiveness of human preparation for life, mastering the professions that give SumDU today - such examples are not so easy to find in our region.

Oleksandr Sydorenko,
Director of the Kharkiv Regional Center for Education Quality Evaluation, 2018

I express my sincere gratitude to you for the conditions you provide for the education and residence of foreign students. They are safe, and we saw it with our own eyes today.

Ekrem Kalan,
Education Counselor of the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Ukraine, 2018

Extremely pleasant impressions after visiting Sumy State University and especially SumDU Medical Institute. This is really a top-level higher education institution, and the dynamics of the positive changes that are taking place here is impressive. SumDU - you are great!

Olena Shapovalova,
Director of the State Enterprise "Ukrainian State Center for International Education", 2018

In recent years, Sumy State University was first in the leadership group - in the TOP-10 among 160 universities. But the real breakthrough came in 2017: the last two competitions held at the Ministry of Education and Science for SumDU scientists finished with a victory: first place in the project competition of young scientists and the championship in the competition of student research papers.

Mykhailo Ilchenko,
Chairman of the Board of the Council of Vice-Rectors for Research and Directors of Scientific Institutions of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine,Vice-Rector for Research of the National Technical University of Ukraine "Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute», 2017

Sumy State University is one of the most dynamic, which not only develops basic research but is also one of the pioneers in raising funds for research. Today we have certain priorities in the field of scientific and technical developments, and it is nice to note that in fact most of these priorities at SumDU are conducted out at a very high level.

Maksym Strikha
Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine, 2017

Thank you for the opportunity to visit Sumy State University. This is my first visit to Ukraine, and thanks to the rector and staff of SumDU I felt real Ukrainian hospitality. I will be happy to cooperate with SumDU in order to build new programs and quality assurance systems according to European standards. We are already on the road to success. And I hope there are still many opportunities for the development of cooperation and visits to SumDU!

Paul Highland,
Head of the Department of European Development and Postgraduate Studies at the University of Bath Spa (UK), 2017

Many thanks to Sumy State University for hospitality and for everything you do to strengthen Polish-Ukrainian contacts and friendship.

Jacek Kluczkowski,
Institute for Eastern European Studies, Warsaw, Ambassador of Poland to Ukraine (2005-2010), 2017

SumDU is known not only in Ukraine but also far beyond its borders. In a relatively short period of time, Sumy State University has gone from a regional university to a prestigious world-class university, gaining three stars in the QS ranking. It is not a university where teachers force students to do something. An axiological field is formed here, in which like-minded people perform common tasks. This is undoubtedly one of the 10 best Ukrainian universities, and in some ways - one of 5. You are in the right direction! You have created an adequate understanding of the university mission.

Serhii Kurbatov,
Chief Researcher of the Department of Internationalization of Higher Education of the Institute of Higher Education of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, Doctor of Philosophy, 2016

We are impressed by the steps taken by my native university to give students the opportunity to take courses within the training center "Laboratory of Modern Web and Mobile Development" on the base of SumDU. I am grateful to everyone for creating this center.

Oleh Nesterov,
Director of “MindK” LLC, 2016

Sumy State University made an extremely positive impression on me. It is a modern university, with modern resources, a digital library. It is a university that has relevant institutes and faculties in much-needed majors. There are many opportunities for student life and learning.

Liliia Hrynevych,
Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine, 2016

SumDU took a very responsible approach to the implementation of the Academic Integrity Promotion Project in Ukraine. This will soon be discussed in the international community. I am convinced that Sumy University is our successful choice for the project implementation: this institution will be able not only to follow the recommendations but also to start its own paths of academic integrity.

Conrad Turner,
Counselor of the Public Affairs Section at the US Embassy in Ukraine, 2016

Thank you for opening the sources of wisdom and knowledge for young people and forming a powerful center of spirituality and culture around the library!

Maryna Poroshenko,
Wife of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, Chairman of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation, 2016

The visit to SumDU was extremely pleasant and useful for me. This university is developing rapidly and is clearly result-oriented. I wish you all the best in the future!

Merete Juhl,
Ambassador of the Kingdom of Denmark to Ukraine, 2015

I’m satisfied with the cooperation with SumDU - a relatively small, but very efficient and dynamic university. It is noticeable that the university supports the right project management policy - everyone knows what contribution he (she) makes to the development of the university. Thank you all!

Jean-Hugues Chauchat,
Professor at the Lumiere Lyon University-2 (France), 2015

I’m fascinated by what I saw at Sumy State University in view of the development of science, education, and sports. The sporting achievements of the university complete the pyramid of well-placed sports and fitness and physical culture work at the university. SumDU has created all the conditions, starting from gyms, including teaching and coaching staff. Sumy State University is already among the leading universities in Ukraine, and in the future, it will achieve even more, because changes are taking place in the context of the attachment of Ukrainian higher education to European standards. Several majors are already taught in English, it is no coincidence that SumDU has almost 1,500 students from abroad. Almost no Kyiv university has such a number of foreign students.

Vasyl Kremen
President of the Student Sports Union of Ukraine, President of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, 2015

At Sumy State University, students not only receive an education but also have a wide field for self-development.

Alisher Abdauliiev,
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Uzbekistan to Ukraine, 2015

SumDU is a multinational university with good infrastructure, friendly teachers, green areas. In addition to studying, I participated in the competition "Golden Integral", played in the volleyball team, joined various projects conducted by the student community. I will remember my time in Ukraine for the rest of my life. Sumy State University is definitely a step towards my successful career.

Pedro Patoilo,
Participant of the international grant project EMINENCE of the EU educational program "Erasmus Mundus" (University of Porto, Portugal), 2015

Sumy State University has a reputation of a center of scientific and applied research. The institution works to expand international relations, actively supports a number of initiatives to improve the educational process. SumDU was a jumping-off place for me, on the basis of which I built new opportunities, looking for additional ways to find my place in the IT industry.

Oleksandr Romanko,
Business Analyst of IBM Corporation (Canada), Professor of the University of Toronto, a graduate of SumDU, 2015

I was impressed by the significant technological and methodological support of e-learning at Sumy university. SumDU specialists develop their own software platforms, while in Europe, including the United Kingdom, such technologies are purchased.

Dorin Festeu,
Coordinator of the TEMPUS Project of the European Commission “Creating Interuniversity Start-up Centers for Student Innovative Activity”, representative of Buckinghamshire University (UK), 2015

The most powerful universities developing in Ukraine are the Ukrainian Catholic University and Sumy State University. Unlike the Catholic University, which from the beginning was created by people from the Western education system, SumDU itself has grown an original model of change and reform.

Hryhorii Starykov,
expert of the Research Center for Regional Security, 2015

After visiting SumDU, which is our partner in the BME ENA project, I was pleasantly impressed by the quality, infrastructure, staff, and enthusiasm for cooperation. I am sure that with such potential we will achieve the set project goals, and we will be one of the best not only in Ukraine but also in Europe. My sincere congratulations!

Nicolas Pallikarakis,
Professor at Patras University (Greece), 2015

Sumy State University has attracted our attention because in recent years the university has twice improved its position in the university ranking "TOP-200 Ukraine" and demonstrates high dynamics.

Olesia Lynovytska,
Head of the Center for International Projects "Euroeducation", 2014

Sumy State University is the first university in Ukraine to be audited by QS Stars, thus joining 200 other universities from more than 45 countries. Great result for a young and very ambitious university!

Ben Souther,
Head of QS Research Center, 2014

It is with great pleasure and enjoyment I remember my alma mater - Sumy State University, the Department of Journalism and Philology. Here I gained the knowledge I needed in my journalistic career, which, I hope, is just beginning. I am grateful to all the teachers for the professional skills which are very much needed now. I managed to realize my dream - to work on professional sports football television. Now I feel very confident in the profession. Sincere gratitude to the Department of Journalism and Philology of Sumy State University.

Dmytro Shpirko,
a journalist of the channels "Football 1", "Football 2", a graduate of the Faculty of Foreign Philology and Social Communications

The knowledge and practical skills acquired while studying at Sumy State University helped me to realize myself as a highly qualified specialist in the field of law. Thanks to the lecturers - legal practitioners, who have made a significant contribution to my development as a purposeful, knowledgeable person in legal details, I take my case with great responsibility and determination.

Oleksii Mitsura,
managing partner of Sumy branch № 3 of the public company “Oschadnyi Bank”, graduate of the Academic and Research Institute of Law

SumDU is really the place you are looking for to obtain a high-quality education. I can say this with confidence, because today, when interviewing in New York, Rome, or Munich for our "1+1", I understand that "Translation" at Sumy State University not only gives knowledge but gives future opportunities! Moreover, helps to create them yourself! The fact that I am now an international TV journalist only underscores the fundamentality and diversity of training at the Faculty of Foreign Philology and Social Communications. We can say this: it will definitely be hard during training, but after graduation, you will be very much grateful!

Ihor Nalyvaiko,
a TV journalist, channel "1+1", a graduate of the Faculty of Foreign Philology and Social Communications

At school, I knew English and German well, but only studying at the "Translation" of Sumy State University, I realized the importance of my knowledge. I felt my professional value all the more when I started working as an interpreter and translator in my fourth year. Now, as a member of the team of Kyiv-Sviatoshynskyi District State Administration, I realized that "Translation" at SumDU gives its students not only professional skills and knowledge. Our teachers impart a sense of dignity into us, a sense of intellectual level, and pride in the ability to communicate in many languages. So, no matter how hard the experts try to complete Google Translate, there are still people sitting in the translation booths of the UN Assembly - and this is unlikely to ever change!

Maryna Tkachenko,
Chief Specialist of the Personnel Management Department of the Kyiv-Sviatoshynskyi District State Administration, a graduate of the Faculty of Foreign Philology and Social Communications

Studying at the Academic and Research Institute of Business Technologies "UAB" became more than getting higher education for me. The professional teaching staff not only provided an opportunity to acquire professional knowledge and skills in the chosen field but also to reveal the potential and acquire extremely important abilities - to be able to learn and absorb educational information. Thus, I was provided with valuable fundamental knowledge in many professional disciplines, such as financial accounting, enterprise reporting, professional accounting standards, international accounting standards, auditing, automated accounting systems, and others. Special thanks to the teachers of the Department of Accounting and Audit for always being open to my questions and encouraging new ideas. This atmosphere contributed to personal development and at the same time required considerable self-organization.

Kostiantyn Miziun,
PwC Slovakia, Senior Auditor of the Audit Services Department, a graduate of Academic and Research Institute of Business Technologies "UAB"

Graduates of the Department of German Philology are confident in their future because after they leave their Alma Mater, they know how to learn, how to get knowledge, and retrain. These are the basic principles of today's philosophy of learning. Students not only gain deep theoretical knowledge in basic subjects but also strong practical skills and have many opportunities for international mobility. Fifteen years ago, we could only dream of it, but now it's real. So, catch the moment!

Tetiana Anokhina,
a senior lecturer at the National Pedagogical Drahomanov University, a graduate of the Faculty of Foreign Philology and Social Communications

I was among those entrants who chose only one university and only one major for admission. And this conscious choice made a huge number of chances for self-realization. I am infinitely grateful to the Academic and Research Institute of Business Technologies "UAB" for unforgettable student years: there was a trip to Germany (participation in the international seminar "Central Banking" on the base of the Higher School of the Bundesbank of Germany), and the scholarships of the National Bank of Ukraine, and winning a thesis competition. After graduating, I did not hesitate to enter graduate school. And those three years were unforgettable: a crazy pace of life, every day is a new challenge, a new project. During my postgraduate studies, I took part in about ten individual grant projects, in addition, I actively participated in the implementation of projects of the NGO "Council of Young Scientists". I am infinitely grateful to the Academic and Research Institute of Business Technologies "UAB" and my mentors for the fact that there was almost no time for reflection, for the "yesterday" deadlines, for the seemingly unattainable goals. I used the opportunity to do science, received an academic scholarship of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine for students of higher educational institutions and graduate students. And, in the end, I successfully defended my dissertation.

Alona Zakutniaia,
the chief economist of the department of strategy and formation of the monetary policy, Department of Monetary Policy and Economic Analysis, a graduate of the Academic and Research Institute of Business Technologies "UAB"

I am grateful to my Alma Mater, and in particular to the Department of Accounting and Taxation for a ticket to life! Non-standard tasks, case studies, practical application of theoretical knowledge - all this stimulated to go further and achieve more in the professional sphere. I am infinitely grateful to the teachers and curators who became friends, advisers, and our support during the student years. I’m grateful for sincerity, honesty, and depth; for individual approach, motivation, and promotion of personal development.

Arina Tatarko,
an economic consultant in the planning department at “Kyivstar”, a graduate of the Academic and Research Institute of Business Technologies "UAB"

Thanks to SumDU, I gained knowledge and skills in the field of business intelligence, which allowed me to solve complex professional tasks confidently - to develop ETL processes, operational, analytical, and management reporting, SQL queries, to analyze the business of banking systems. Of course, I am grateful to my teachers for my achievements.

Dmytro Borymskyi,
an analyst-developer of computer systems at “OTP Bank” (Kyiv), a graduate of the Academic and Research Institute of Business Technologies "UAB"

I was already working at the National Bank of Ukraine when I decided to apply for a doctoral education program. From a professional point of view, the program offered me complex but high-quality and well-structured courses, a friendly, enthusiastic, and dynamic research environment. I would also like to mention the open, friendly, and frequent communication with my supervisor, his valuable comments and suggestions for future research. Ph.D. is never an easy task, but it is worth it!

Dmytro Ohol,
a senior economist of the market research department, National Bank of Ukraine, graduate of the Academic and Research Institute of Business Technologies "UAB"

In business, we use both theoretical and practical skills acquired while studying at Sumy State University. These are the organization and implementation of projects (planning, organization, motivation, control), personnel management, market analysis, business communication, work in crisis situations, and more.

Alina Poznanska,
an event-manager of All-Ukrainian and International projects, a graduate of Oleg Balatskyi Academic and Research Institute of Finance, Economics and Management

My studies at SumDU fully meet all modern requirements of university education and new challenges of practical business activity. Its scientific component provides optimal and systematic training of managers considering innovations, social and environmental responsibility, and ground orientation in the field of management. The structure of the program allows the student, based on the amount of scientific and applied material, to choose additional topics, considering individual preferences and interests, which motivates the most effective learning.

Mykola Petrushenko,
Associate Professor of Management Department, a graduate of Oleg Balatskyi Academic and Research Institute of Finance, Economics and Management

I chose the major "Physical Culture and Sports" for personal professional growth. The acquired knowledge, skills in planning competitions, competitive activities contribute to my qualification and achievement of sports results at international competitions.

Yevhen Kysyliuk,
a professional athlete, a member of the national volleyball team of Ukraine, graduate of the Medical Institute of SumDU

Learning English gave me an interesting experience, understanding of the profession, and skills that help me to work freely with international financial reporting, tax planning, and financial control. This combination allowed me to get an interesting job in an international company and achieve career growth quickly.

Olha Bachal,
an expert accountant for transfer pricing at LLC "Guala Closures Ukraine", a graduate of Oleg Balatskyi Academic and Research Institute of Finance, Economics and Management

The master's program "Investment, Entrepreneurship, and Startups" gave me the opportunity to study the principles of small and medium businesses. During our studies, we successfully worked on many cases on social entrepreneurship, which gave us a chance to reformat and scale our business.

Viktoriia Makerska,
founder of the flower shop "Drevo Bazhannia", a graduate of Oleg Balatskyi Academic and Research Institute of Finance, Economics and Management

Sumy State University was the first in Ukraine to offer a new major "Public Health". It is in great demand in Europe and is developing rapidly in Ukraine. I like the wide range of professions that I can choose in the future, thanks to the various competencies of the natural sciences and humanities provided by the program.

Daria Starodubova,
A 2nd-year student majoring in Public Health at the Medical Institute of SumDU

During my student days, I had the opportunity to receive knowledge from highly professional teachers of Sumy State University. Today I study in the program "Applied Materials Science", my department has an active position in international activities and participates in international projects Erasmus+ KA1, Erasmus+ KA2, the National Scholarship Program of the Slovak Republic. My experience of participating in international conferences and projects has confirmed the demand and prospects of material scientists both for Ukraine and abroad. I believe that the high level of theoretical and practical knowledge obtained at Sumy State University is the basis for me to implement future research projects.

Mariia Vyshehorodtseva,
a graduate of the Faculty of Technical Systems and Energy Efficient Technologies

Studying in the program "Finance and Accounting in Entrepreneurship" was a completely new experience for me and gave me the opportunity to study in a friendly environment of professionals. Studying at Sumy State University helped me to gain the knowledge and skills to become a business leader.

Iryna Hanus,
junior auditor at “Grant Thornton” LLC, a graduate of Oleg Balatskyi Academic and Research Institute of Finance, Economics and Management

Training in the program "Mechanical Engineering Technologies" provides classical engineering education and wide possibilities. During my studies, I had the opportunity to attend international and regional profile exhibitions and seminars. I underwent internships at the Technical University of Košice, Slovakia, and Skoda Transportation, Czech Republic. As a production engineer, I have a choice of professions in various fields ‒ from the production of home appliances to the aerospace industry.

Nataliia Bohatenko,
a graduate of the Faculty of Technical Systems and Energy Efficient Technologies

The Department of Applied Materials Science and Technology of Structural Materials has many years of cooperation with the leading industrial enterprises of the city, which significantly expands the practical skills of students who meet the needs of the labor market. I am currently a scholar of the Erasmus+ KA1 Academic Mobility Program at the Technical University of Kielce, Poland. In my opinion, the knowledge gained during training will help me to improve my professional skills. Moreover, I believe that training is a great chance to improve my level of English, which is undoubtedly one of the requirements for a modern highly qualified engineer.

Olena Tereshchenko,
Bachelor of Materials Science, Faculty of Technical Systems and Energy Efficient Technologies

I graduated from the bachelor's program in Marketing in summer 2018. This educational program provided for the possibility of parallel studies at the Higher School of Economics in Prague. I want to note the balance of the SumDU program and the opportunity to study disciplines remotely using an e-learning system. By the way, when I arrived in the Czech Republic, I came across an article listing the highest paid professions in the country, and one of them -… Marketer! So, I made a good choice choosing SumDU.

Anna Proshunina,
a graduate of Oleg Balatskyi Academic and Research Institute of Finance, Economics and Management

When I was writing my Ph.D. thesis, it was extremely important to me that the topic of the work was related to my practical experience. Thanks to the supervisor, I understood my skills and obtained a scientific degree. In my current work, I use the scientific achievements and advice gained during the writing of my dissertation.

Victor Kibets,
Head of the Territorial Department of the State Judicial Administration of Ukraine in Sumy Region, Honored Lawyer of Ukraine, Ph.D. of Law, graduate of Academic and Research Institute of Law


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