Cultural and Artistic Center of Sumy State University

The main types of activity are:

• promotion of the spiritual, historical, and cultural heritage of the Ukrainian people, development of Ukrainian culture;
• organization and holding the concerts, shows, theatrical performances, balls, carnivals, competitions, parties.
• creation and organization of creative groups, studios, and clubs;
• promotion of innovative processes in the area of students' cultural and recreational activities;
• permanent connection with the cultural institutions, creative and public organizations, participation in cultural events of municipal, regional, national and international levels;
• providing faculties (institutes) and university departments with the information, consultations on the forms and methods of recreation and cultural activities;
• providing services that contribute to meet the demands and needs of students, the organization of meaningful leisure;
• coordination and monitoring of the effective use of technical equipment and rooms of the center;
• involving school children and college students to participate in activities of the center;
• holding of other activities which are not contrary to the Statute of the University.

The cultural and artistic center of SumDU has a modern material and technical base:

• assembly hall for 600 people;
• stationary sound, lighting, and video equipment;
• recording studio;
• rehearsal rooms;
• costumes;
• continuously updated extensive music library;
• sport and dance hall (282.5 square meters), equipped with barres and smart sound and multimedia equipment, showers and dressing rooms

The ballroom dancing ensemble at SumDU functionates successfully since 2002. Students have the opportunity to continue professional training on the basis of this group. The wide repertoire of the ensemble includes Latin American dances as well as European. The most active participants have the opportunity to take part at university concerts, in regional competitions among students.

Director – Olga Garanina.

Ensemble rehearsals run at the center for social and cultural activities named by Frunze:

• Monday - 16.00
• Wednesday - 16.00
• Friday - 16.00

In addition, the ballroom dance circle for beginners operates at SumDU.

Director – Dariya Bobylkova.

Circle rehearsals run at the hall for sport and dance in the New Building

• Tuesday - 15.00 - 17.00
• Thursday - 15.00 - 17.00

We invite students who adore dance. We wait for every person who wishes to spend studentship not just sitting at their desks, but also actively participating in the development of dance in the University.
Everyone can realize the potential, develop a rhythm sense, and show their individuality.

Director – Antonina Gordiy.

Circle rehearsals run in the New Building, Room 104:

• Wednesday - 16.00
• Friday – 16.00

This circle prepares themed dances, performances. It was created not long ago but has already managed to be one of the best. Every spectator, who attends the SSU events remember these wonderful performances of dance theater "Feyeriya" for a long time.

Director – Svitlana Bondarenko.

Circle rehearsals run in the New Building, Room 104:

• Tuesday – 18.00
• Thursday – 18.00

The vocal studio is very popular among students seeking creative individual realization. Its participants have become real favorites of the university public thanks to their creative skills, artistry, and successful repertoire. The vocal studio soloists participate in regional and international art competitions. The repertoire includes works of Ukrainian and foreign composers, classical composers, the works of Ukrainian pop music hits, Russian and foreign music. Vocal talents repeatedly have been highly appreciated by the jury. In 2012 the group was awarded the title of "Honored amateur group of Ukraine Trade Unions".

Director – Olga Bondarenko.

Circle rehearsals run in the Main Building, Rooms 105, 411, and assembly hall:

• Wednesday – 12.45
• Thursday – 17.00

The youngest team of the University, but received its recognition among students and teachers. Professionally selected repertoire will not leave anyone indifferent. Its members actively participate in local events. In 2013 there was recorded the song about Sumy, which is popular in the city up to today.

Director - Oleksandr Gusak.

Circle rehearsals run in the Main Building, Room 104:

• Monday – 16.00
• Wednesday – 16.00

In our circle of scenic speech and recitation, everyone has the opportunity not only to learn but also in practice to demonstrate speaking skills both at the stage of our university and beyond it, taking part in various regional and international competitions of recitation and others.

Director - Lidiya Derkach.

Circle rehearsals run in the Main Building, Room 412:

• Tuesday– 15.00
• Friday – 15.00

This ensemble for years decorates many university and city events. The ensemble consists of both students and teachers of the Faculty of Technical Systems and Energy Efficient Technologies. The members are winners of various creative art contests, so as a result in 2012 men's vocal ensemble TeSET was awarded the title of “Honored amateur group of Ukraine Trade Unions".

Director – S. Savenko.

Circle rehearsals run in the vocal studio in the Main Building.

• Wednesday – 17.00

An important role in ensuring order during various events play a law and order security group of SumDU. Many times they stopped non-normative actions both by students and other people that violate public peace. They also take responsibility for order in hostels; maintain order at all university and faculty activities.

Director – Lyudmyla Solovyova. Tuesday and Thursday at 17.00 in the assembly hall of SumDU.  


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