The University Hospital of Sumy State University is a health care institution, which is a medical education and research structural subdivision of SumDU of a polyclinic-outpatient type. The Hospital is a clinical base of the Medical Institute.

The Hospital was established by the order of the rector of SumDU on June 17, 2016, in coordination with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

The main purpose of the Hospital is to provide secondary (specialized) and tertiary (highly specialized) medical care, providing training and retraining of medical workers according to higher education standards, conducting research, development, testing, and implementation of new medical technologies, training students, interns, masters, clinical residents.

  • medical and preventive unit (specialist reception rooms and day hospital);
  • department of medical and preventive examinations;
  • diagnostic unit (diagnostic center of tomography, clinical diagnostic laboratory, functional diagnostics room, manipulation room, room for ultrasound diagnostics);
  • rehabilitation unit (aqua center, exercise rooms, physiotherapy, massage, vertebrology room);
  • Center of Sports Medicine.
  • Advisory work of specialists of the Medical Institute;
  • Ultrasound, functional diagnostics;
  • Physiotherapy services, massage;
  • Treatment in a day hospital;
  • Hydrokinesiotherapy, aqua programs for pregnant patients, health swimming lessons for children and infants;
  • Medical and physical rehabilitation;
  • Outpatient surgery;
  • Medical examinations of foreign students;
  • Medical support of the Center of Sports Medicine;
  • The work of the Center of Computed Tomography;
  • The work of clinical and diagnostic laboratory;
  • X-ray examinations;
  • Medical examinations for admission to Physical Education classes;
  • Cosmetic services;
  • Dental services.

The functioning of the Hospital is ensured by its staff and representatives of the teaching staff of the Medical Institute, which are involved in the treatment and diagnostic process, provide consultations of patients, organize case conferences.

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Reception: +38099 3630171, +38097 6456946.

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40007 Sumy, Ukraine
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