The base postulate of SumDU vision and mission is service to the society, educational activity, research, and sociocultural mission. 

The system of assets and principles that are shared and supported by the members of the university community encompasses professional, organizational, legal, economic, communicational, informational, ecological, moral culture, and elements of educational and student subculture that are implemented through respective traditions, beliefs, ethical standards, and customs.

Collective values determine the key points of behavior for the university community members developing a sense of value-oriented unity and corporate social responsibility in them that is a precondition of the realization by the university of its statute tasks and the development strategy.

The motto of Sumy State University: EDUCATION – SCIENCE – CULTURE – DEVELOPMENT.

The vision of the university that is being realized today determines SumDU image as:

  • the university of a European level by style, technologies, quality of scientific and educational services, traditions of international and cross-cultural cooperation, nation-wide by the mission, responsible firstly to the state, region, and society; the university that is an important part of the system of forming of the intellectual potential of the civil society;
  • the university of an innovative type that at the same time preserves its identity, classical essence with ensuring the unity of fundamentality and education professional content, the university with clearly outlined “third mission” which is able to generate and provide transfer of modern knowledge, wide accessibility to quality education obtaining, to satisfy different personal and societal needs in the spheres of science, education, culture social and other focus with high quality;
  • the high-ranked, competitive university that follows the ideology of a research type where scientific activity with large-scale international direction and relying on innovative technology is the main development keynote and to which the whole of the scientific and educational process is inherent;
  • the university complex as a major multilevel polyfunctional territorially distributed scientific-educational and production structure that allows performing a function of promotion of innovative development of the region, society as a whole, including different forms of integration of science, education, production, and social sphere;
  • the university of entrepreneurial type, fully entitled market entity, first of all with socially-oriented entrepreneurial activity, the priority of intellectual” business, including in the international space;
  • the university with stable democratic traditions, developed student self-governance, a culture of knowledge and science, academic freedoms, the atmosphere of creativity, openness, free expression of the will, the university where the leading figures are a Student, a Teacher, a Scientist.

In view of the defined vision, the mission of the university for 2020-2026 must be contained in maximization of satisfaction of value expectations of all the categories of the university stakeholders through ensuring an undeniable competitive advantage of services being provided, their adaptivity to the modern world needs which are changing rapidly, and excellence. This, in particular, has to be displayed in:

  • delivering educational activity at the level that provides preparation of highly educated intellectual elite of the society and implements the thesis “The university is the talents industry”;
  • ensuring of high requirements of the labor market by the specialists of new formation who are able to work under conditions of rapid-changing, multifunctional environment;
  • delivering of educational needs of the general population through accessibility to obtaining knowledge and skills, diversity of form of implementation of continuous lifelong learning that is one of the components of the university’s social mission;
  • generation of new knowledge through the large-scale, multidisciplinary scientific activity;
  • influence on the socio-economic development of the society through the transfer of the innovative technologies, implementation of the mission of the center of communication among business, science, education, government;
  • preparation of scientific and scientific-pedagogical staff with competencies well accepted in the global scientific and educational space;
  • ensuring the export of educational and scientific services to other countries, in particular to countries of the Organization of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) or/and the EU;
  • simultaneous implementation of corresponding functions of innovative development at the regional, national and global levels;
  • influence on the society’s mental life, caring attitude to culture, preservation of mental and material values, forming of an integral, moral, nationally conscious human being;
  • implementation of multifaceted social mission, the function of civil society institution.



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