Scientific Association of Students (audience members), Postgraduates, Doctoral Students and Young Scientists of Sumy State University (SASP) is an association of young highly motivated people, which creates a scientific environment through the implementation of successful projects aimed at supporting new scientific ideas, innovations, and knowledge exchange. The main purpose of the SASP is to create conditions for the development and realization of the youth’s scientific potential, the formation of scientific thinking and research skills, and its participation in solving current problems of modern science. An important task of the SASP is to protect the rights and interests of individuals who study or work at the University, in particular on the issues of research, support of science-intensive ideas, innovation, and knowledge exchange.

    • representing the interests of students (audience members), postgraduate students, doctoral students, and young scientists before the University administration and other organizations on research and academic career development;
    • popularization of scientific activity among student youth, assistance in involving students, in particular junior courses, in scientific activity and startup movement;
    • promoting the implementation of the Targeted Comprehensive Program "Organization of scientific work of students in organic combination with the educational process" and "Perspective work plan for SumDU staffing";
    • assistance in organizing the activities of youth scientific creative associations (student scientific circles, laboratories, centers, institutes, etc.);
    • promoting the quality of research of students and young scientists;
    • assistance in helping students, graduate students, doctoral students, and young scientists in mastering modern methods and skills of independent research;
    • planning the organization and holding of annual scientific conferences, seminars for students, graduate students, and young scientists, in particular, "The first step in science";
    • interaction with the Small Academy of Sciences, the center of scientific and technical creativity of student youth of the University and other organizations that involve students in technical creativity;
    • promoting the exchange of information between young scientists and researchers;
    • promoting the development of interuniversity and international cooperation;
    • conducting competition of Grants from the SASP, within the allocated funds and provided in the budget of the SASP.

Contact information:

The Head of the Scientific Association 

Maryna Utkina

Ph.D. of Legal Sciences

Library & Information Center, Room 402

Tel.: +38 0542 687882

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

116, Kharkivska st., 40007 Sumy, Ukraine
  Main Building, room 308, 309,
40007 Sumy, Ukraine
E-mail: [email protected]



  International Students Office:
Tel/fax: +38 0542 337114
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  International Affairs Department:
Tel/fax: +38 0542 331081
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