Students of Sumy State University have returned to remote studying. Given that the participants of the educational process are currently in different conditions, different cities, and even countries, the university has provided the most favorable environment for everyone. How did the students perceive the return to study?

"I am glad to return to study, because it brings us back to the normal life before the war",  said Kateryna MASALITOVA, a student at the Faculty of Technical Systems and Energy Efficient Technologies.

"It's very nice to just see my classmates and teachers, to communicate with each other," says a third-year student of the Faculty of Technical Systems and Energy Efficient Technologies, Oleg PIMENOV.

"Studying now helps to distract oneself from the terrible events in the country", says Leonid VERESHCHAK, a second-year student at TeSET Faculty.

The students of the Faculty of Foreign Philology and Social Communications are emotional and insightful about the beginning of their studies:

"When shots and explosions can be heard outside the window, it is very difficult to control oneself and do something useful. But distance learning is a good opportunity to distract oneself from current events, collect oneself together, and start from a fresh start. For me, the news of the study was joyful. Despite the failures of the Internet, I am very happy to attend classes, to see the faces of classmates and teachers. It gives me hope for victory and the happy future, "Karina CHORNOBUK shared her impressions.

"The war divided my life into 'before' and 'after'",  says student Zoreslava SHEDENKO. - I am sure that most Ukrainians feel the same way. On February 24, everything stopped: studies, work, plans for the day… Now, when so many days of war have passed, I am trying to restore "normal life". And, probably, this is where everyday affairs, studies, and work help the most. Indeed, life goes on, and we must think about the future. We have to get diplomas, study further or work, and rebuild the country. I am grateful to the university for continuing the work even now. My education here is a kind of island of stability in the flow of military horrors. And while the Sumy region is calm, I will study”!

Foreign students of the Medical Research Institute, who were forced to leave Ukraine, are also happy to return to study. All of them worried about whether they would be able to continue their studies because they wanted to get education at SumDU.

"I used to feel depressed because I thought we had lost our education and everything changed suddenly. But now, after I started studying, I got better”, said Moroccan student Christian BU HAMDAN.

Dreaming of returning to the classroom, a student from France MARIE SOFIA: "I hope that the war will end and we will return to our university in September, as before."

Sumy State University proves that our front is quality education, and on this front we have many victories because it is held by the burning desire to get knowledge and develop, grow as a person and professional, to form the new generation of educated Ukrainian elite.

SumDU survived because you survived!

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