Energy-efficient university

The University implements the Integrated Target Program "Energy-Efficient SumDU". Only in recent years, the roofs of buildings and large lecture halls have been insulated and waterproofed, solid fuel boilers have been built for the sanatorium complex “Univer”, windows and heating devices have been replaced, more than 10,000 m² of facades have been insulated, mixing pumps in the heating stations of the buildings have been installed, many other technical solutions have been implemented.

As a result of the introduction of engineering and technical measures, scientific developments, elements of energy management of SumDU, it was possible to reduce consumption of thermal energy by almost 20% that provided considerable economy of means. At the same time, the heating areas were increased and the comfort of working conditions was improved.

The University implements its own energy-efficient developments and technologies, in particular, the system of monitoring the heat consumption of buildings "HEATCAM", which allows using mobile communications and Internet technologies to automatically collect full information about the parameters of the coolant (at all stages of circulation and in all premises), as well as information on the ambient temperature, including the forecast for the next day. This monitoring methodology was agreed upon with the Ministry of Regional Development, Construction and Housing of Ukraine and can serve as a basis for the establishment of monitoring centers for heating systems in various institutions. Among the numerous developments of the university is an alternative heating system based on heat-generating units 2 (3), which is especially relevant for remote non-gasified facilities. When using electricity at the "night" rate, resource savings from the introduction of such a system can reach 30-50%.

Sumy State University has the necessary experience and significant potential to transfer its own developments and technologies for energy efficiency and energy conservation and annually performs about 60 research projects in this area commissioned by enterprises and organizations, including foreign ones. This includes conducting energy audits, development and modernization of energy supply and consumption systems, energy-saving heating, and hot water supply systems, turboexpanders, gas turbines, steam turbines, research and synthesis of modern semiconductor materials for solar energy, etc.

Sumy State University continues to move towards the implementation of the most powerful recent infrastructure project "Higher Education. Energy Energy-Efficiency and Sustainable Development” from the European Investment Bank (  or to ensure the energy efficiency of higher education institutions of Ukraine. According to the results of the energy audit, 29 buildings of the university will be completely rehabilitated.

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