Classical Professional College of Sumy State University is one of the oldest educational institutions in Ukraine. It was founded on August 16, 1890, as Technical Railway School which trained technical specialists for private Kyiv-Voronizh railway service (locomotive drivers, railroad workers, assistant station-masters, and workers of locomotive and car maintenance, senior telegraphists).

In July 1917, Secondary Technical Railway School with a four-year curriculum was opened and further reformed into Technical School of Means of Communication in 1919.

In the USSR times, the college trained constructors for the whole country, however, reforms of the 1990s influenced college one more time. In 1997, Konotop Polytechnic School was founded by merging Konotop Construction and Konotop Electro-Mechanic Schools. Newly founded Konotop Polytechnic School opened the extramural department in 1999. In 2001, the Konotop Institute of Sumy State University was based at the institution: the college was renamed Polytechnic School of Konotop Institute of Sumy State University.

Nowadays, Classical Professional College is a separate structural subdivision of Sumy State University. It is a diversified educational institution with a glorious 130-years-old history, which gives profound knowledge and training in many different majors. More than 800 students study in college nowadays.

The college is represented by the community of adherents, who ensure educational success for the sake of graduates' success.


Tetiana Hrebenyk
Director of Classical Professional College of Konotop Institute of Sumy State University

Viacheslav Riazantsev
Deputy Director for Academic Activity

Yuliia Bibik
Deputy Director for Educational Activity

Maryna Ivashchenko

Hennadii Kolesnykov
Head of the Trade Union Committee

Oleksandr Kuzko
Deputy Director of Academic and Practical Activities

Serhii Okhrimenko
Deputy Director for Administrative and Economic Activity

Classical Professional College of Konotop Institute of Sumy State University includes:

  • Department of Railway and Highways Construction
    Head: Oleksandr Zabiiaka
  • Department of Building and Facilities Construction and Land Management
    Head: Liudmyla Bandurka
  • Department of Computer and Electronic Technology
    Head: Yurii Salii
  • Department of Management and Processing of Materials
    Head: Hennadii Kolesnykov

The college has got years of experience in training junior specialists in the following majors:

  • Railway construction, maintenance, and repairs;
  • Construction and operation of buildings and facilities;
  • Construction, maintenance, and repairs of highways and airfields;
  • The technology of processing materials on processing units and automatic lines;
  • Production of electronic and electric means of automation;
  • Manufacturing Organisation;
  • Computer system and network service;
  • Land management organization.

Effective work of these departments contributes to the successful functioning of the institution: enrollee training department, students' job placement assistance, extracurricular activities, etc.

The college provides education at two levels: professional junior bachelor and junior bachelor.

Classical Professional College of Sumy State University has become a pioneer in providing junior bachelor's education in Konotop. At the entry-level of university education, the students of the college get a degree in Physical Education and Sports, Management, Industrial Engineering, and Construction and Civil Engineering.

Junior bachelor's degree as a common bachelor's degree is a level of university education. A junior bachelor's degree is obtained at the entry-level of university education (a short cycle). Moreover, a junior bachelor's degree is a new educational product not only in Konotop but also in the whole system of university education of Ukraine.

The teaching staff and students of the college are systematically engaged in research work; the preferential directions of which are research materials, education management, and organization of extracurricular activities.

The material resources of Classical Professional College of Sumy State University fully ensure proper training of specialists: 67 lecture rooms and 23 laboratories, a gym, a library, and a reading hall, college workshops, geocamera, etc. Six computer classes are at students' disposal. The college has two residences which provide 100% of students with accommodation.

Due to cooperation with Charity foundation “Viden”, within a partnership programme “Circle of Friends”, students' interest clubs have been organized: an English school “LinguaCat”, a DIY club “Made in Ukraine”, a students' volunteer union “Turbota”, a discussion club “View”, a dancing club and a fitness class. The work of the clubs is supported by the charity organization “Welthause” (Graz, Austria).

The college provides all conditions for harmonic students’ development: the functioning of clubs, amateur cultural activities, and sports sections. The college publishes its own newspaper “PolyTech”, which provides an opportunity for students to show their talents in student self-government and voluntary work. After classes, students attend different clubs and sections (vocal, dancing, instrumental playing and singing, recitation, acting, etc.), they are also members of Public Youth Organization “New Time” and Students' Psychological Service “Dovira”.

Classical Professional College of Sumy State University became the laureate of “Leaders of Education and Science of Ukraine” and was awarded the diploma and distinction for significant contribution to Ukrainian education and research development.

At the XXIII International exhibition “Education and Career 2013”, the college was awarded the diploma in the nomination “Development of Students Social Activity of the Education Institution of 1st and 2nd accreditation levels.”

On the 125th anniversary, the college was awarded the Diploma of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine for services to the Ukrainian people and significant contribution to education, the introduction of innovative technologies in the educational process, considerable success in training highly qualified specialists.

Classical Professional College of Sumy State University has also been awarded the Diploma of Institute of Pedagogy of National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine for creative collaboration and important contribution in the introduction of the results of scientific research work into the educational process.

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