Why should you choose a company "Center for International Programs" (CIP)?

  1. CIP is now among approved at the US Embassy in Ukraine and has an excellent reputation in the embassy.
  2. People trust CIP! It is the most popular company in the Sumy region. In recent years, more than 2,000 students have taken the advantage of services only for the J-1 Summer Work & Travel USA Program.
  3. CIP always provides a choice! You are offered the widest range of jobs with a salary from $ 7.25 to $ 13 per hour.
  4. Be sure - CIP is always with you!
  5. CIP will help you in everything! You are accompanied from the very start to finish (registration, choosing the job, training and advice before the embassy and directly before beginning of your journey, during your stay in the United States of America).
  6. It is always interesting with CIP! Every year CIP carries a variety of promotions and other events for clients.

And now let's consider the information on the program. 

We know that you know / read / heard about the summer student exchange program «J-1 Summer Work & Travel USA». We also can assume that you will think, "I have nothing to read here, there is nothing new for me to learn." Think once again. Everything related to the official data and statistics you can find on the official website of the US Embassy in Ukraine - http: //ukraine.usembassy.gov/

As the saying goes Center for International Programs (CIP) is willing to share with you everything you wanted to know for a long time but didn’t dare to ask. For more than 12 years, CIP has been accumulating experience in international exchange programs, employment and education abroad. So who if not they will be able to dedicate you in more details of the program and provide services at the highest professional level! Having made the right choice of the company is the true key to success in achieving the goal. With the CIP company you will remember this summer forever!

Why exactly the J-1 Summer Work & Travel USA

In fact, it is the most popular program, which has a number of advantages:

- Gaining invaluable work experience in a foreign company;
- Improving the English skills in the native language environment;
- Making new friends from around the globe;
- Getting unforgettable experience and impressions from the journey and seeing a lot of new and interesting places with your own eyes, and not from the English books’ pages or on TV;

Whatever the plans for this summer you built, do not forget the important factors that are rarely taken into account, but create almost all the atmosphere of the program while coming to the fore for everyone - a new experience, meeting new people and friends, new environment - New World literally and figuratively! Your J-1 Summer Work & Travel USA Program will be the proof of that.  

The requirements for participants of J-1 SUMMER WORK AND TRAVEL USA program with CIP  

• Full-time students of1st-6th not final years of study at the University (Institute)
• Knowledge of English at the average level
• Age - from 18 to 28 years old
• No criminal records confirmed by Police Clearance Certificate
• Decency and diligence
• Respect to other nationalities
• Obligatory returning to Ukraine after the end of the program.

And now...

Let's look at the whole process from the very beginning. Just to be sure, - that we are on the same page, as one would say in the United States of America

So, step one. Desire.
You have a desire to travel to the United States of America. Everyone has his own purpose, but, believe, you will definitely succeed, if you properly follow the outlined goals, adhering to the rules of the program and tips of the CIP managers!

Step Two. Registration.
You will be interviewed by the CIP managers in English to determine your level of spoken English and to orient on what kind of work you can expect. Together, you will fill out the registration form and a company representative will check your documents for participation in the program. (You just need two passports, two references from university, photo 5x5 electronically.) The representatives of the CIP are always happy to answer questions concerning the features of the program, options for placement this year, and everything else what you probably may be interested in.  

The third step. Selection of vacancies.
In order to make easier the selection process, the CIP representatives do the e-newsletter, call to offer you something straight from the tin and interesting. In fact, in the USA, all the places are great. Take our word for many years of experience with CIP. Not just because for the past ten years CIP helped thousands of students, but at least because coordinators who will advise you and help you in every possible way, had been in the US themselves and know everything exactly. And even if this year you will not work selling ice cream in the park as Marinka in the past, or as a lifeguard, as Max, who had been sunbathing at the pool for all summer - do not lose your heart. Travel to Texas, Kentucky, Alaska - and make people talk about you, about your summer and trying to become equal to you. It isn't the place that graces the man, but man the place.  
Step number four. Filling the documents
You’ll have to fill out forms in English of course, and / or pass an interview with the employer at a job fair in person, or via Skype. It’s entertaining, and at the same time, it prepares you to reality in the United States. All of these pieces of paper, all of these questions and answers – they all are real, and even cooler because in English!

Step Five. Job "in the pocket"
When you are hired the Job Offer arrives. Do not hesitate to ask or to clarify anything – managers of the CIP company always appreciate curiosity. And when American Sponsor Company sends all the needed documents, you will have fun walking to the US consulate for a visa.

The sixth step. We go to the consulate.
Please be patient. You may probably have to wait for a while. Remember that to pass the visa interview successfully, you will need remember everything you knew in English, and even more. Do not worry, before that "Great Day" you will get all the instructions to remember how to behave, what information you need to know, etc. So relax - everything will be OK!

The seventh step. Hooray-hooray-hooray!
You have a printed colored paper in your passport, which we all have been working hard for (and sometimes even beating our heads on the wall, but your happy eyes and smiles are worth it), so it’s high time to buy tickets. You can certainly rely on CIP managers in this question. They will help you book air tickets and help you throughout your whole stay in the United States. Now pack your bags and forward towards new experiences and impressions!

Step Eight. Pack your bags.

The consequences of the violation / extending the J-1 visa

The first and most important rule of the J-1 visa - is returning home after the end of the program. Every year in October, we should submit a report to the US Embassy concerning the participants, who overstayed after the end of the program. This information is stored in a database and will haunt you and your family the whole life. Too many participants due to ignorance of the consequences that arise when returning home at the end of the J-1 program make a wrong move and make a mistake. Many students fall under the influence of fraud, mostly immigrants from CIS, who promise the legalization with further obtaining a green card. But that is a deception and often they simply take the money and the participant’s status is "illegal" that means you will have no social rights, you will not be able to receive even basic medical care, you will always have the fear of law enforcement.

Another option is when the crooks provide the participants only with a tourist visa, and this is possible only for 6 months. Extending a tourist visa for a longer period is not possible and the participants had to stay in the US illegally, or to return home, thus violating the visa regime and depriving themselves and their families the possibility of ever getting a US visa.

Some participants enter the language or other courses and such step also has unpleasant consequences. Firstly, you cannot be a perpetual student. Secondly, after graduation, if you are offered a job and your employer is willing to issue an immigrant work visa of the category H1B you’ll definitely have to come home and apply for a visa. And then you will be denied a US visa because you have violated the cardinal rule of J-1 visa and deprived yourself and your relatives the opportunity to get a US visa ever. Some of the participants get married with a US citizen while participating in the program. We all have the right to find love and life partner, and if it happens to you in the United States after the end of the program you have to go home and arrange a marriage in accordance with the law. Otherwise, if you register the marriage in the United States, you’ll legalize yourself but thus deprive your relatives the opportunity to get a visa to the United States ever, as you had violated the cardinal rule of J-1 visa and had not returned home after the end of the program.

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