On the World AIDS Day (December 1, 2015) SSU volunteers organized a flash mob called ‘Life for Life’ in front of the main academic building of the university. Students were standing in a symbolic ribbon-formed line, holding a red symbol of solidarity with people living with HIV and AIDS, their loved ones, family and friends. The Student Social Service and volunteers distributed information and explanatory materials within the ‘Youth against AIDS’ campaign.

In general, more than 120 students of SSU joined the campaign concerning solidarity with HIV-positive people and also AIDS information campaign.

The specialists from the Regional Center for Prevention and Control of AIDS run the quick tests in order to reveal the presence of antibodies to HIV. It was the first time for SSU that everyone could take the test right at the university. More than 50 teachers, foreign and Ukrainian students took the test.

Those events were supported by the Department of Social Work of SSU.

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