The EU project “Inter-university start-up centers for students’ innovations development & promotion” of Tempus Programme

Duration of the project:
3 years (15 October 2012 – 14 October 2015).

Official web-site of the project:

Coordinator of the project: University Montpellier 2, France

Aims of the project:

  • enhancing innovation policy and entrepreneurship activity in Partner Countries by improvement of creativity, competitiveness and employability of universities' graduates and increasing cooperation between universities, innovation and investment companies for knowledge commercialization;
  • developing inter-university Regional Start-Up Centers and cooperation network between consortium members based on international academic and professional experience as a tool to implement innovative ideas and technologies;
  • modernizing Engineering and Computer Science study programmes and creating methodology and training courses for improvement of creativity and competence in innovations development, presentation and promotion;
  • establishing system of training for trainers and Life Long Learning trainees, and retraining in the field of innovation policy development in Partner Countries.

Project results:

  • 4 inter-university Regional Start-Up Centers in Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova.
  • Interactive international informational-analytical network for innovation projects and ideas support, web-portal for Start-Up Centers communication and e-platform for distance learning.
  • Start-up Crash Tests to evaluate the strength of innovation ideas.
  • Methodology, programme and teaching materials for 5 courses including e-learning components for innovations development, presentation and promotion.
  • 5 courses for innovations development, presentation and promotion were put in selective part of Engineering and Computer Science study programmes and in Start-Up Center training activities for students, teachers, Life Long Learning trainees, business managers and personnel development.


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