PortaOne Training Center and Sumy State University invite everyone to take free-of-charge training courses in a specialized VoIP-laboratory (Room 220, Central Building).

In the laboratory we will teach you:

  • basics of Linux administration
  • computer networks
  • MySQL database management system
  • the Apache webserver
  • basics of IP telephony
  • data transmission and signaling protocols
  • voice network management
  • basics of LTE networks.

Course duration: 7-8 months.

Those wishing to attend the courses after registration undergo entrance tests, which are necessary to determine the level of preparation and distribution into groups.

Each participant will have access to all the material of the course, so the tasks can be passed even faster than they will be considered in class (it is very appreciated).

Those who have successfully completed the training have the opportunity to pass an interview for employment in the company. Depending on your current learning success, an interview invitation may come in the learning process.

Are you still hesitating?! Be sure to come and try it!


You can learn more about the activities of the training center and event announcements in the communities: Facebook, Telegram

Official website of the company: portaone.com

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